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We love our Residents like they are Family. Here is what their Family thinks about us:


Carle, Son of Respite Resident: At 98 years old my mother was having a number of physical issues, not the least of which was her hearing loss. At the time we couldn’t be there for her 24 hours a day, so we looked into Assisted Living places near us in Billings, Montana. Fortunately, we found that JJ Caregivers could take her in on a fairly short-term basis. What a delight that home is! The location is serene, the home is cozy, the care is outstanding and the staff is genuine, concerned and professional. If we hadn’t moved out of state, we would have hoped to get her permanently established there with Jessica and the crew. They took excellent care of my mother, clear down to checking her hearing aids, changing the batteries and adjusting them. JJ Caregivers set the standard for excellence in Assisted Living to us.

Jen R, Daughter of Resident: From day one Home away from Home assisted living has been welcoming.   My mom has been a resident  since March 2020. The staff always  goes above and beyond for their residents.   Not only do the provide excellent care,  but Jessica and Jeanette always go that extra step to know each resident on a personal level. Whether its a day of  shopping or a trip to the dog park ( my mom loves dogs) , the staff is there to please the residents with what brings them  the most happiness and joy. The thing that makes home away from home different , is it definitely feels like each resident is made to feel  comfortable  in their own environment as it was their own home.  Each family member is also made to feel comfortable , meaning they can call or come by any time to  see their family member .   Lets not forget about the wonderful pets who live there and provide so much joy!!   I highly recommend home away from home to anyone.   They are truly invested in their residents and provide all levels care.

Katherine, Sister of Resident: Jessica and Jeanette are two of the most compassionate, caring ladies I’ve ever met! Luckily, Jessica is my next-door neighbor and when my Brother-in-Law called to say he was looking to place my sister in a new assisted living facility, I knew right away to refer him to Jessica. It was a whole new level of care and a true home family feel that we enjoyed so much. I highly recommend and congratulate them as they now have a 2nd location!

Kerri, Daughter of Resident: A Home Away From Home is a beautiful, warm, welcoming environment where residents, family members and friends become one big beautiful family. My Dad was fortunate to be cared for by Jeanette and Desirae for many years before Jeanette and Jessica opened their facility. When they did there was no doubt my dad was coming along too. It’s not the building that is important or the name above the door, it’s the people inside. The care is extraordinary, the home is exceptionally clean, the food is prepared fresh for every meal, will prepare a separate meal if the resident isn’t in the mood for spaghetti but wants peanut butter and jelly instead, activities that are based on residents personal choices and ability and most importantly, they love the people they take care of like family.  In the end, when I’m getting up there in age, A Home Away From Home is where my friends and family will find me. 

Chris P, Daughter of Resident: We moved my father here recently and I along with the rest of my family are beyond thrilled to have made this decision. Dad has adjusted well and we continue to be amazed at the level of care being provided. This long term health care facility looks nothing like a facility and everything like a home. Yet your loved one will be cared for with the utmost skill. Please know that you or your loved one will be in good hands should you decide to make this your home!" 


Resident J: "Jeanette & Jessica are really more than a Personal Care Assistant, they have become a Friend. We enjoy taking our weekly field trips, both are easy to talk to and really cares about you and what's important to you."


Wynn, Granddaughter of Patient: “I met Jeanette a year and a half ago during a very stressful time in our lives. We had been caring for my 90 year old Grandma who suffers from Alzheimer's and she had taken a bad fall. I needed Help.  Jeanette was absolutely amazing. She came into our lives and was a Light to the situation.  Her ability to know how to help me was exactly what I needed. She was truly Heaven sent.  I would look forward to the days she would work with my Grandma. She treated her just like family.  She was never condescending to Grandma, Jeanette treated her with love and respect.  Jeanette's knowledge of the Elderly was incredible.  She helped me through a lot of very difficult things.   I am now privileged to know both Jeanette and her Sister, Jessica.  Anyone who puts their loved ones in their care will be in great hands and very blessed. -Happy Days!

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